What to Expect

What Can I Expect From Physical Therapy
at Integrity Therapy Group?

On your first visit, your physical therapist will evaluate you for what your needs and concerns are. They will interview you to gain your perspective for what is troubling you, and how physical therapy can help. They will take careful and precise measurements to objectively document your limitations or difficulties. They will make a plan for what is the best course of treatment to address those issues, and review with you what those goals are, and how we hope to help you meet those goals. They will spend time explaining their findings, and help you understand what is giving you trouble, and how and why they choose the particular course of treatment to help you specifically. This process is important to us, and is a part of our very basic philosophy of treatment here at Integrity Therapy Group. We use this information to assemble a plan of care specifically for you. We may see many different people with low back pain, or rotator cuff tendonitis, but every person does not necessarily need to be treated the same for the same ailment. Each person is different, and brings a different set of data, and other physical or emotional information to the experience. We look for ways to meet your individual needs because of who you are.

After the assessment is completed, we will begin following the plan we have set out for you. We may use various modalities, i.e. ultrasound, cold laser, electrical stimulation, hivamat, heat or cold to assist with your pain, or discomfort. We will always utilize exercise to target specifically the groups that need attention. Possibly the most important part of your therapy treatment is being consistient with your home exercise program. Many of the instruments we use here help discomfort, but to make lasting changes in the tissues, and have the best outcome possible, the home exercise program is the key.

We view your therapy experience as a partnership between you, and us, and your referring physician. We want and need you to give us accurate feedback about your condition, and responses to the treatments and exercises to help make decisions regarding any changes in your program, and also to help progress with the treatments. Please let us know what things seem to help your complaints, and what makes them worse, and also consider what activities may also improve, or complicate your symptoms.