hip pain


Does your hip ever bother you when you are running or walking? Does it make noises when you move it in different ways? Is it difficult to lay on one side or the other because your hip hurts? If you are having these symptoms, you may need an assessment:

• Limited range of motion

• Pain in the buttocks, groin or thigh

• Pain while walking or sitting for long periods of time (stiffness)

• Pain that causes limping

• Pain while lying down on that side

Your hip pain my be related to any of these conditions:

• Arthritis (many forms)

• Bursitis

• Tendinitis

• Muscle tear (s)

• Hernia

• Hip dislocation

• Hip fracture

If you are having these symptoms, please let our experienced Physical Therapists at Integrity perform an individualized assessment of your hip pain and provide treatment for it so you can return to what you love to do.

Remember, with Direct Access, you don’t need a prescription from your doctor. Simply call one of our physical therapy clinics today to make and appointment.