industrial rehab

Whether you are in injured worker, or an employer of an injured worker, Integrity Therapy Group can help. Our therapists have vast experience with work related injuries of all kinds. We can help with the process of returning to work or evaluating the workers status for return to work with restrictions. We provide the following services:

WORK CONDITIONING: This program helps to re-condition an employee after an injury or prolonged absence to assist in being ready to return to the job. Secessions can be from 1-4 hours and is 3-5 days per week.

WORK HARDENING: This program is a “step up” from conditioning in that the employee does conditioning and works on job simulated tasks in the clinic, i.e. lifting, pulling/pushing, carrying, climbing, etc.. This program lasts from 2-8 hours per secession and is 3-5 days per week.

FUNCTIONAL CAPACITY TESTING: We perform FCE’s for extremities, low backs etc… To help determine what the worker’s safe limits are for returning to work. The tests usually last from 4-6 hours in length and are used to make decisions for return to work or case closure.

IMPAREMENT RATING: We also provide impairment ratings to assist for case closure or settlement purposes. We follow the 4th edition of the “Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment” as required by the state of Alabama. The process requires 1-2 hours of time.

-PRE-EMPLOYMENT TESTING: Integrity Therapy Group also performs pre-offer employment testing for employers. This testing incorporates having the perspective employee perform job critical tasks in the clinic to assess “fit” for the work required on the job. it is a pass/fail test and requires 1 hour or less.

-JOB ANALYSIS – Our therapist can visit the job site and measure critical tasks to improve safety or provide information to develop job descriptions.