knee pain


Do you ever have pain in your knees? How about stiffness after sitting, or swelling after prolonged weight bearing? Dealing with knee pain can be quite frustrating because it gets in the way of our daily, normal activities such as walking, exercising, using the stairs, etc. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms associated with your knee pain, it may be time to have it assessed:

• Fluid in the knees

• Pain in the kneecap

• Pain in the back of the knee

• Pain on the inside and outside of the knee

• Swelling in the knee joint

• Stiff, tender or weak knees

Knee pain may be the result of any of the following conditions:

• Bursitis

• Baker’s cyst

• Meniscus tear

• Patella dislocation

• Torn ligaments

• ACL tear

Here at Integrity Therapy Group, we can assess and treat the various conditions related to pain in the knee. Whether it be a sprain or strain, an injury from work or sports, or even after surgical repair, we can help you return to what you love to do.