Low back pain


Back pain is one of the most common, universal complaints in healthcare. It is responsible for more time of work or “downtime” than any other musculoskeletal condition. Who do you know who has not had an episode of back pain? Symptoms may include:

• Back or buttock cramping

• Dull aches

• Pain that lingers

• Pain while sitting or standing

• Sharp / burning pain(s)

• Pain into the leg or foot

• Weakness in the legs

These symptoms may be related to any of the following:

• Poor posture

• Core/back muscle weakness

• Slips or falls

• Disc complications; Compressed and Herniated

• Fractures

• Slips or falls

Our experienced Physical Therapists are highly trained to help you sort out the source of your pain, and eager to provide treatment to help you recover. Due to the opioid crisis in our country, it has been recommended that physicians turn to alternative methods to treat pain, aside from opioids. Alternatives such as physical therapy can often help to correct the source of pain and help you manage it with less medication.

Remember, with Direct Access, you don’t need a prescription from your doctor. simply call our us to make an appointment.